Oct 12, 2016

EP mom-to-be?

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In next 3 days, our little baby will turn to 4 months old.

3 days ago, she refused to direct feeding. Fully refused including night time. 😧😧😧😧

Only Allah knows how i feel now. The feeling during feeding session is gone. The struggle is real you know!

This week, we are like a zombi. Trying to direct feeding her but when she refused...all screaming and crying all night. Both me and my husband are struggling to put her to bed afterwards. 😂😂😂

After some consultation with lactating consultant last night, i have to change my routine now.

👇to get baby recognize me more. She misses me!!!
✔Get more skin-to-skin with baby
✔Babywearing while having dinner so that baby have more time with me before bed time.
✔Have more privacy with baby only in the room

👇to maintain milk supply. Since baby reject me, i have to put more in demand.
✔pump before sleep
✔pump after wake up
✔never skip pump session at office

I already made an appointment wirh the consultant. Next sunday. Will share in details later after the session.

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