Mar 31, 2012


at 9:10 AM

Have you guys ever heard about cliquecard? Is it safe, can be trusted or just a scam company?

I’ve heard about it few months ago, when my hubby received a call from cliquecard company and then bla..bla..bla for about 20mins. He explained and explained everything about the card, the benefits etc.

He said cliquecard is very new and still looking for new 300 luckiest member and luckily my hubby was one of them. That was what he claimed.

But then of course we have to pay. Nothing is free right? So the fee is about 499, once for a life time.

At first hubby was about to pay after heard all the interesting benefits. 30%-70% discount here and there.. but then I told him to think first. We did some research, looking for cliquecard website. Oh you can view the benefits like they stated here ;

But I smell something fishy because there was no agreement or whatsoever, all we need to do is just give them our visa number then on the spot they will deduct from our a/c, a week later we will get a so called cliquecard.

I mean, come on la! Right now, if we want to apply for jcard, Watson member card, at least we have to fill in some form, sign here and there or else we ourselves go to the website, register some more before get any card. If something that have to do with our bank account, card credit there will be more strict,, right?. We have to do some confirmation at least!

But not for this cliquecard.

And last week I got a call from someone called shima if i'm not mistaken. Claimed that she from cliquecard then explained bla..bla..bla for 10mins because I told her to give me at least her details, n company details. But she refused. Because I might not be able to receive the sms due to some coverage whatsoever. All she told me to do was give her my visa number. As simple as that.

Of course I didn’t do that. Plus, I just got my visa debit card from maybank last week! And she told me that she got my name because I have active visa card. Can you believe that?

So, I told her that I need to discuss it with my hubby first. N she will call me the day after. N there was no single call from her the day after!!!! Liar! I’m not telling that cliquecard is a scam company but I think the girl is not from cliquecard ..

And it make me more in doubt because they called us direct from celcom number. Not from office number like other company did.

So, what do you think? Share with us! Do you have cliquecard?

p/s : eh I menulis lam English la puloks hahahaha.

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