Feb 24, 2013

Choosing a baby's name is not easy-part 1

at 12:13 PM

Everyone around me keeps asking me these 2 questions lately.
1. baby boy or girl
2. Baby’s name 

Answering question number 1, we don’t know the baby’s gender yet as he/she is busy covering that part (if you know what I mean) with his/her hand nearly 45mins during our last scan session previously.

 And for question number 2, since we don’t know yet whether my baby is boy or girl, definitely we don’t finalize any name for our precious!

 When pregnant, one of the most important thing that you need to give extra attention is choosing baby’s name and trust me: it is not an easy job to do :D

I believe all m2b out there will be very excited when it comes to this. And it’s nothing strange if some of us already have the suitable name to call our baby when he/she is born later even we are just 2-3 months pregnant and already know our baby’s gender.

 Jadi sama lah dengan aku, apatah lagi kandungan telah mencecah 31 minggu. Lagi seminggu masuk 32 minggu bersamaan dengan 8 bulan! Dah 8 bulan dah. woot2~ 

 maka makin terasalah bahangnya sebab nama anak pun xdop lagi. kuangkuangkuang 

I’ve go through several websites, books to find the most suitable name for my baby. I already figured out up to 10names for baby girl and 3-4 names for baby boy.

But when I showed the list to my hubby, instead of just pick a name he said this to me

“I don’t like any of the names” 

Can you believe me? After all days struggle pick here and there, combine this with that name, choose the name that nobody I know have the name I picked and blablabla…

Fine! Cari sendiri~

Ibu emo hak2

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