Jun 19, 2010

will u be my left rib?

at 8:53 PM
hello fellow readers~


since we are still in early stage for the preparation, i love to share with you a sweet and romantic story happened between me and him few months ago. the day he proposed me. that day we went out to have a simple meal as a supper.then suddenly he wanted to ask me something. ok, i hate this!! i dont like it when people tell me this thing before they ask me on anything. why dont they just ask the question right away? urghhh...

honestly speaking, i didnt expect it at all. my mind wandering around thinking what might it be. so i just waiting there while he was drinking nonstop. after a glass, then another glass.tak senang duduk! seriously it just made me more curious and cant wait to know what was in his mind!!yeah, waiting is the hardest part ryte?

then, he started with this sentence.

" i am looking for my lost left rib...." 

at that time i kinda know his intention. but i just let him finished it first.. of course i smiled right after the word. then he continued after finishing another glass of pepsi.... 

"would you be my left rib?"

o m g~ i wanted to scream  but i was acting cool in front of him. that time i could see how hard he tried to give the best `shot` while proposing me. i didnt know if those were planned before.

looking at his face, instead of answering it i told him this.
"i dont need all the sweet lines like in a drama or novel, why dont u use your own word. sometimes it will be more sweet and have full of meaning."
then he replied..

 " will you be my future wife?" 

haha *dush! 

auuwww... i was smiling the whole dayyyyyyy. sometimes, we dont need to do it in expensive restaurant with romantic background music or wuteva to show the sweetness and honesty. because you can see it right away through the eyes. hihi

"will you be my adam?"


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