Jun 19, 2010

first step

at 12:46 PM
assalamualaikum and hello world~

ok first i have to take a deep breath before start a new brand story haha kidding...

ini adalah blog yang aku ciptakan khas as a 2nd step sebelum menuju fasa hidup y seterusnya hehe. so guys, really hope to have your opinion, feedback, or anything. please, please and please leave any comment here. It will give me BIG help for my future big day!

before that i will tell you a simple story because i can see your wide eyes while reading this! haha

someone proposed me last 5 months and of cos it was sweet and romantic(ehem2) hehe i `ll talk about it later ok~
last night i just told my father about this serious matter and alhamdulilllah, lucky me to have such a wonderful and sporting daddy (aauuww daddy x menahan~) because he was like " i am ok with anything. just let him bring the family over and we will talk about this seriously" (ok my abah didnt speak in english act hehe) but the main point is still there hehe.

so, from now on i can think and think and plan everything. for me, it is the best way to tell your family first.so guys out there, what are you waiting for? just tell your family about you n your partner so that you can proceed to the next step =P As simple as that!
NO NO NO! it was not that simple okay my dear readers...curious enough to know? stay tuned~


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